Dance Mania's Ghetto Madness streaming exclusively on Dazed

Born in the mid 1980s, Dance Mania was the snarling upstart that tore through the streets of Chicago with its relentless breakdowns of italo disco, house and techno. Blood brothers DJ Funk, DJ Milton, Slugo, DJ Deeon and Jammin’ Gerald positioned Dance Mania’s style as the roundhouse kick to the gut of the smooth, sassy house music that dominated the city, and the world beyond. Splicing together little more than 808 kicks, rapid-fire piano hooks and vocal samples that were as filthy as they were funny, and playing it with a “fuck you, we’ve arrived” attitude, these pioneers shook neighbourhood parties and earned the new, raw style the name “ghetto house”.

Stream Ghetto Madness and read how Dance Mania’s raw, raucous and rare defined the sound of Chicago’s inner city – and changed house for the ruder here

Strut will release Dance Mania: Ghetto Madness 26th January

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