Dazed premieres Teengirl Fantasy's 'Lung' video

Taken from their upcoming EP ‘Thermal’, dropping on Break World Records Nov 18, Dazed premieres the video for ‘Lung’, featuring vocals by Lafawndah.

“With the NYC-based duo’s condensation-glossed beats and pulse-quickening synth patterns, it’s a relief to bathe your eyes in the iridescent hues of their self-directed video, filmed this past summer in the Fire Island Pines. In the opening scene, Lafawndah cuts loose her lover in hyper-saturated tropical reeds, before the colour washes out and she writhes on the beach. But she’s not a prisoner of her lust for long – just until a space portal opens to offer an out from all that angst.”

Watch it here.

Pre-order your copy here, or grab the vinyl/t-shirt bundle here.


Teengirl Fantasy



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