Stream a new track from Doms & Deykers' new album

The two Dutch Ostgut artists met back in 2010 on a bus to Lowlands and quickly realized a connection that they were the same age and had in fact grown up 5 minutes apart from each other in the same town but had never met until then. Over the next few years they stayed in touch and in 2013 collaborated on their first EP together.

After a few long days spent in Steffi’s studio here in Berlin (they banged out 14 tracks in 4 days!) “Evidence from a good source” was born.This album is only the third full length on 3024, after modern classics Great Lengths by Martyn and Leon Vynehall’s Music for the Uninvited.

The release of Evidence from a good source is at the end of October, as 3x12”, CD and digital, with artwork by Erosie.

Besides DJ’s and producers, both Steffi and Martyn are also experienced live musicians, and they will embark on an extended live tour in 2017.

Listen to Faye’s Slide here.





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