CockTail d'Amore's Griessmuehle closing party is now under threat

Latest updates on the Griessmuehle club closure mean a CockTail d’Amore closing party may no longer be possible. Griessmuehle had negotiated with SIAG Property GmbH to throw one last Cocktail on February 1-3rd, but SIAG Property have since decided it will no longer honor the 3 day extension.

Discodromo shared the following statement:

After celebrating 10 years of parties in 2019, creating a safe haven for LGBTQI+ people and other marginalized minorities in Berlin, Cocktail d’Amore has been forced into an abrupt end.

Aware of the potential eviction of the club this month, Griessmuehle had negotiated with SIAG Property GmbH, the austrian company that bought the whole area, to throw one last Cocktail on February 1st till Monday the 3rd. At the very least we could share our home for the past 5 years, one last time. BUT… after seeing activists campaigning to help save the space, SIAG Property, clearly upset by community outcry, decided it would no longer honor the 3 day extension.

A building permit for the property was recently granted, and the current owner would now like to quickly resell the site to make space for new commercial building units destroying the club. Until a week ago it seemed possible and likely to at least host a closing party on the 1st of February (since apparently work on the site would not start before May 2020).

The Cocktail D’Amore team is heartbroken about losing Griessmuehle, but even more upset not to be able to properly say goodbye to the club before closing its doors forever. We hope that this news empowers you to join the voices urging Berlin to help save our special spot. Keep the love pouring!

- Discodromo

Please sign the petition to save the club here

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