Teklife's DJ Earl shares details of new LP

‘BASS + FUNK & SOUL’ is DJ EARL’s sophomore album and celebrates a decade of collaboration between us. We fell in love with DJ Earl’s music instantly when DJ Rashad introduced it to us a decade ago. Our label was already deep into the Juke & Footwork scene but for us, nobody did it the way Earl did. He was back then a fresh recruit of Rashad’s Ghettoteknicianz crew that would later become the Teklife label where he released his debut album ‘Open Your Eyes’ in 2016.

After a few compilation appearances with us, Hyperdub or Planet Mu he released the ‘Teklife or Nolife’ EP on Moveltraxx in 2012 which is still considered one of the best footwork EPs ever. The energy in his tracks blends forward-thinking sounds and old school hip hop sampling styles staying true to the original footwork sound while never being afraid to take things in new directions. While Earl has one of the most consistent output when it comes to Juke & Footwork he’s also taking his music beyond when he produces rap artists or do collab albums like ‘50 Backwoods’ with Nick Hook on Fool’s Gold in 2017.

8 years after his first EP with us, we are beyond thrilled to release Earl’s 2nd album ‘BASS + FUNK & SOUL’ an LP that encompasses all his influences & forward-thinking mindset with a perfect balance between club bangers (‘Right Dere’, ‘Whaaam’, ‘Wrk Dat Body’) and soulful productions (‘Stl Breathin’, ‘Baaa’…) showcasing a large spectrum of what Footwork is about. As fans of his music, it feels like the record we’ve been waiting for forever and we are so excited to share it with you. -Moveltraxx


DJ Earl - Bass + Funk & Soul

Release Date: 04 December 2020

1. Baaaaaa
2. Ya Bish
3. Whaaam
4. Right Dere
5. Wrk Dat Body
6. Off They Feet
7. Shitz Aint Safe No Mo (feat. Traxman)
8. Get Smoked
9. Stl Breathin

Listen to ‘Baaaaaa’ on Soundcloud

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