Djrum announces EP trilogy on 2nd Drop Records

Djrum’s ‘Forgetting’, ‘LA’, and ‘Space Race’ EPs will be released on 2nd Drop Records throughout summer with the first landing June 24.

Djrum needs very little introduction. His reputation as a producer is as solid as he is renowned as a badman DJ. And it is with great pleasure that 2nd Drop welcomes him back for a stunning EP trilogy, which sees him delve deep into the dusty hole of his musical hive mind.

As the first in a 3 part series of EPs, the Forgetting EP kicks things off on June 24 in idiosyncratic style – widescreen, emotive and textured – Djrum weaves a wonderful web of unspoken, yet melodically powerful narrative over 4 tracks.

Following up swiftly on July 22 is the LA EP, a killer slice of Djrum dancefloor pressure. Over two tracks, we hear his classic combination of tough drums over ladened with colour, texture and attitude.

Closing out this superb trilogy of releases on August 26, we find Djrum exploring the upper reaches of the BPM register on Space Race EP. If you’ve ever witnessed a Djrum DJ set or listened to his mixes or indeed his releases on the brilliant Samurai Music label, you’ll know he frequently journeys into drum and bass territory, and here over two epic tracks, he offers two supreme cuts of exhilarating music.

Stream clips of the 3 EPs (here)[].

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