Doss returns after seven years with new single 'Puppy' on LuckyMe

Doss makes dance music like a daydream of nights past, equal parts euphoria and ennui. This spring, a full seven years after releasing her cult-favorite self-titled debut, she will finally release its follow-up for LUCKYME.

Impressionistic and unforgettable, “Puppy” feels like a fragment of a memory that Doss reconstructs to create a better future. “I had an ex once who called me Puppy, you know what I mean?” she says. Some time after breaking up, they met at a party among family and friends; Doss wrote the track on the drive home to Maryland, to the twinkle of lights on the highway.

Now based in New York, Doss first released music with the taste-making label Acephalé (SALEM, Air France), on an EP Pitchfork called “an exploration of the pure joy of sensation.” As a DJ, she built a reputation for her nimble, light-hearted approach to bridging ’10s EDM and ’00s electro with classic trance and drum & bass — never quite serious but always sincere.

An underground fixture in music and design, she has also made major fans of big-name artists like SOPHIE, with whom she toured in 2018 and had an ongoing collaboration, and Porter Robinson, who helped Doss trend on Twitter when she played his Secret Sky festival. Last year, Lady Gaga highlighted Doss on her Women of Choice playlist for Apple Music and featured her as a DJ at her album release party, in collaboration with PAPER.

Puppy is out now on LUCKYME.

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