Djrum shares 4 tracks that inspired his Forgetting EP with Watch The Hype

Felix Manuel, the name behind the moniker Djrum, has been turning heads since his burst onto the scene back in 2010. His debut EP Plead With Me/Emerald (The Antidote) caught the attention of those involved in the UK bass scene upon its release. The EP is a luscious, reverb-soaked affair that deals with the sharp, brooding, formative sounds of dubstep at its prime. Since 2010, Djrum has embarked on a journey delving further into the bass-riddled volumes of dubstep and later experimenting with his sound, lending his knowledge of production to genres such drum and bass, house and techno alike. The past six years has seen Felix contribute music to EPs such as the prestigious dubstep label 2nd Drop, the Zenker Brothers’ imprint Ilian Tape, as well as the faster, more urgent Samurai Red Seal, a label dealing with the rhythms of drum and bass.

His productions are relatively disparate in sound; however, you can always seem to tell that it’s Felix Manuel behind them, regardless of their tempo, urgency and mood. The hyper-specific attention to detail Manuel adopts when constructing a song is evident, from the short bursts of eclectic noise to the long, mesmerising strands of cloudy chords and pads. Djrum’s unwavering talent within the realm of production remains ever-clear throughout his mature discography. Now then, 2016 has seen recent news hitting the headlines that three EPs by Djrum are ready to take a journey into our ears. This will make 2016 Manuel’s most active year to date, and with the previews of the entire trilogy ready to listen to on SoundCloud, it is safe to say that exhilaration is flowing through the veins of Djrum fanatics around the world.

Check out Djrum’s four tracks that inspired his Forgetting EP over at [Watch The Hype (

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