Appleblim & Second Storey share their 10 best dance music duos with Dummy Mag

United by a chance meeting at a house party in Bristol around 2008, Appleblim (Alec Storey) and Second Storey (Laurie Osborne) literally meld together musically to become ‘ALSO’. Previously recording under this moniker for a trio of EPs on legendary Belgian label R&S Records – we spoke to the pair early last year about their holy unification as a dynamic dance music duo via a chance meeting at a house party in Bristol, and hitting the studio to record together.

Returning to R&S earlier this month on usual production name terms for the ‘Gimme 6’ EP, the three-tracker it’s a sleek continuation of their genre-defying output, which the label describe as “cyborg funk”. Of course, it’s devoid of disappointment from the start – progressing from twisting title-track Gimme 6 to the shimmering transition of Levying Rooks and Aperture on the silver flip-side – making Appleblim and Second Storey’s reunion nothing short of a well-rounded success.

Following up on the release of ‘Gimme 6’, we got the duo to knock heads and pay homage to a couple other shining examples of teamwork in electronic music. A thoroughly considered compilation, it reaches from early hardcore and jungle connoisseurs 4hero to Rochdale’s finest export, Autechre.

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