Duval Timothy collaborates with Lil Silva and Melanie Faye on new single 'Fall Again'

In Duval’s own words ‘Fall Again started as a solo piano composition. After I played it to Lil Silva in his studio, he sang to it on the spot. We discussed the concept of a loved one going away and the value of patience.

Lil Silva describes the song ‘One way or another, this record is about loving and believing in yourself to be better. To settle down your constant cycle of thoughts and be still because the universe has a plan for all of us.

It’s us that continue on the path we’re on, and it’s our decision that leads us to the feelings we feel. The message we wanted people to take away from the song is about breaking through these negatives and believing in the universe to do its work…’

From Melanie Faye ‘…when they sent over the parts for the track I was really impressed. It had this chaotic energy that I loved so I listened to it on repeat for a while. As I wrote the guitar part I tried not to overthink it - I had internalised the song at that point so everything that came out felt really natural.”

Duval continues ‘I wanted to capture a local culture in Sierra Leone which involves people going away and returning at an unforeseen time. To shoot the video I assembled a small crew of friends from Freetown and headed to Tombo fishing village, working with the local chiefs, the harbour master and casting local fishermen in the key roles.

We mounted our two fishing boats; one for the cast and one for the film crew; and set sail. At sea we passed many larger fishing trawlers, which feature in the video - a reference to the under-regulated commercial fishing industry where international vessels exploit Sierra Leonean waters, often over-fishing, depleting one of Sierra Leone’s major resources and in turn thwarting the efforts of the local fishermen depicted here.

In spite of his best friend condemning fishing in favour of gambling and the overwhelming task ahead, our protagonist Ibrahim M Kamara is strong and determined. After conquering the sea he returns only to find evidence that his good friend has left.

Carrying Colour

Duval Timothy, Lil Silva & Melanie Faye - Fall Again

Format: Vinyl & Digital

Out Now

Taken from new album Help, out August 7th.

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