Duval Timothy and Twin Shadow collaborate on new single 'Slave'

On Duval Timothy’s new single Slave feat. Twin Shadow, Ibiye Camp’s sampled utterance of the word “slave” is twisted into a series of melodic looped knots, with a YouTube audio rip of Pharrell Williams critiquing record companies who play Master and force musicians into the role of contractually enchained property.

In Duval’s own words ‘The song explores the history of the transatlantic slave trade. The idea that we live in a world that not only feels the effect of this horrific history but one that takes elements from the slave system and implements them in different ways adapted to our contemporary life.

I created the stop motion video for ​Slave with Max Valizadeh. In the video, we actually personify the audio file as a loveable character which is born into the world through artistic creation but quickly finds itself enslaved and exploited by manipulative music industry agents.

Many artists have famously spoken out about the importance of owning their masters and have also equated elements of the music industry to slavery such as Prince and Nipsey Hu$$le. These artists are depicted on the peak of the mountain in the end sequence of the video, which I climb to join them. The story is an adaptation of my own experience in the music industry. In 2019 I bought back my own masters, which was my mountain to climb.’

Produced and corralled by Rodaidh McDonald who knows a thing or two about form and un-form from his work with both Adele and King Krule, and Twin Shadow contributing guitar.

Duval Timothy ft. Twin Shadow - Slave

Out now via Carrying Colour [digital] / The Vinyl Factory [vinyl]

Watch the video on Youtube, or stream the single on Soundcloud or Spotify


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