PAN share new Eartheater track 'Trespasses'

Artist, producer, and vocalist Alexandra Drewchin has shared “Trespasses,” the second single from her forthcoming album as Eartheater, IRISIRI. The three-movement piece is informed by her classical background and incorporates juxtaposing elements of complex shifting harmonic choral chords with a host of contrasted squelching and stuttering synth characters” Establishing an ambiguous atmosphere that falls somewhere between intuition and anxiety, the song builds to a crescendo of distortion, ominous pulses, and far off wails. Eartheater’s experimentalist, genre-agnostic approach to production has earned her spots performing alongside Demdike Stare, Elysia Crampton, Oneohtrix Point Never, and more.

‘IRISIRI’ is out 8th June via PAN.

Stream ‘Trespasses’ here

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