HVL shares 10 Tracks that define the techno sound of Bassiani, on Electronic Beats

10 Tracks That Define The Techno Sound Of Bassiani According To Club Resident HVL

HVL (a.k.a. Gigi Jikia) has had a profound influence on the sound that’s come to define Tbilisi nightclub Bassiani (previously covered by Electronic Beats here), as well as its resident queer party, Horoom Nights. Since the club’s launch, the resident DJ and producer has become known for crafting atmospheres full of intense and spiraling techno cuts. His impact on the spirit of the club has even bled into the Bassiani in-house imprint, where he’s releasing his forthcoming LP, Rhythmic Sonatas.

To further explain his musical vision—and the dance floor sound that’s risen rapidly in popularity over the last year—Jikia created a guide to the broken electro, classic techno tools and euphoric floor-closers that can be heard regularly in the club hidden beneath Tbilisi’s national stadium.

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HVL’s new album ‘Rhythmic Sonatas’ will be released by Bassiani’s own in-house label on April 15.

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