Octo Octa in conversation with Terre Thaemlitz on Electronic Beats

A lot has happened since Octo Octa (a.k.a. Maya Bouldry-Morrison) released Between Two Selves in 2013. The record worked as a kind of heavily coded autobiography that came out three years before she herself came out as transgendered. Its successor, Where Are We Going?, will be released this month on Honey Soundsystem’s HNYTRX label and resumes a similar theme with a direct and deep expression of queer identity through the narrative of sample-laden house music.

The approach bears an obvious resemblance to the work of Terre Thaemlitz, the transgendered musician, theorist and DJ whose releases as DJ Sprinkles and K-S.H.E. have played a major role in making themes of queerness and gender identity a central discourse in dance music. So perhaps it’s not surprising that the two artists have been in contact. Bouldry-Morrison first met Thaemlitz online, when she ordered records from her Comatonse website. Since then they’ve developed a friendship born from both an aesthetic kinship (Thaemlitz has re-edited and played Bouldry-Morrison’s tracks and vice versa) and also in their similarity of experiences as out trans musicians working inside the confines of a heteronormative dance music industry. Electronic Beats editor Derek Opperman connected them for a conversation that explores what it means to be a transgendered artist in the world today.

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