Festival founder Harry Follett gives Electronic Beats his Insider's Guide to Manana Cuba

Check out the best upcoming collaborations and sets to take place this May at Cuba’s new electronic and Afro-Cuban music festival, Manana.

*”The restoration of political relations between America and Cuba in 2015 has already allowed for cultural cross-pollination. For instance, last weekend Diplo and Major Lazer performed for free at the newly-reopened American embassy in Havana, the same city that will host the country’s first electronic and Afro-Cuban music festival this spring. Manana Festival encourages creative fusion between Cuban and international artists by pairing musicians from Santiago and the surrounding provinces with foreign guests to collaborate on original performances that premiere at its events from May 4-6, some of which you can read about in the guide below. In addition to music, Manana will host lectures and workshops in conjunction with Ableton and the NYU Music + Social Change Lab. “For us,” founder Harry Follett told us, “Manana is as much about creating an ongoing musical legacy as it is about the party.”

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