Brice from Concrete gives Electronic Beats his insider guide to Weather Festival

Brice Coudert, a founder of Paris’s Concrete nightclub and the Weather Festival, lists the events he’s stoked about at France’s best music extravaganza.

“There are two parts of Weather: OFF, which runs May 27-31 in venues around Paris, and ON, a three-day music festival in the Plain de Jeux du Polygon park that starts June 4. The main idea for OFF is to show a little bit of the Parisian scene and the active artists in it to people who come from other countries. For the first two editions of Weather, we did the OFF events during the same week as the main festival, but this year we decided to separate them and do OFF one week before ON. We thought it would be good to split them because we’re not able to be involved enough with the shows as we’re so busy the main events, and also because ON ends up competing with OFF. Most people were going to Weather Festival ON, and that took away from the audience that would have gone to OFF, which wasn’t fair because both are great.” -Brice Coudert

Read more on some OFF and ON events he’s excited about at Electronic Beats.

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