Ethiopian Records launches fundraiser to help COVID-threatened music studio

COVID-19 and political unrest in Ethiopia has put the budding projects of Endeguena Mulu aka Ethiopian Records and his WAG Entertainment Agency in jeopardy. Pre COVID, the group was forming their own independent/artist owned event and representation company alongside building the ‘GODJO’ music studio. Traditional structural support for African independent artists, specifically experimental and traditional artists is nonexistent. The campaign aims to raise 35,000 euros.

Production on a 10-track double EP called ‘WEL’ will fuel the distribution of funds. Including two music videos, money will be split between 23 creatives. They will buy all the equipment to produce the EP and use their own space in order to create the foundations for future projects.

Funds used on distributing of the EP will shine light on these contemporary Ethiopian musicians to a new global audience.

Speaking about the EP, Ethiopian Records says, “Inspired by the recordings of Ethiopian poet Tsegaye Gebremedhin, ‘WEL’ means togetherness and calls for a loving joyful global revolution. The EP asks people to come forth and take charge of their destiny. Change only comes through action and revolution, by demanding for it, lovingly and intentionally.”


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