The 10 Best Mixes of 2017 according to FACT

FACT look back on their most-loved mixes of 2017, with Midland’s Fabriclive 94 featuring in the Top 10.

“Quietly, and without much fanfare, Midland has grown into one of the world’s best DJs. Fabriclive 94 is a testament to what makes him so great: emotional and esoteric, it navigates strange musical terrain in a way that feels almost populist. Midland’s biggest tune might be a euphoric disco anthem but you’ll find nothing like that here: low-key selections by Georgia, Even Tuell and Leif form the basis of the mix alongside deep, driving cuts from Daphni, Kowton and LFO, twisting and turning in unexpected and delightful ways.”

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FABRICLIVE 94: Midland



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