Fiedel set to release new Double Mixpack EP - FiedelTwo #3

The 8-track compilation on 2 x 12” will come out at the beginning of March 2018 and is to be distributed physically and digitally via Hard Wax.

This release features material gathered over the past 2 years - either particularly exciting tracks from established producers like Ron Albrecht and Philippe Petit, or outstanding music by fresh faces such as Noncompliant and Espen Lauritzen. Some of these tracks are also featured on the recent Berghain Mix 08.

The DOUBLE MIXPACK E.P is all techno, but it covers a pretty wide range of styles within that genre. The result is a nice mixpack for the dedicated selector: After the testpressings had been sent out, the overall feedback was that one could have a lot of fun experimenting around with these 2 records. The FiedelTwo#3 is basically the kind of releases that would allow a DJ to keep on mixing for half an hour after they’ve shot all their bullets and have nothing left in the bag: no fillers, only killers.

Appendix - Double Mixpack EP - FiedelTwo #3

Release Date: early March 2018

Track List

A1. Noncompliant - Women’s Work
Just as jacking as the music she delivers to the dancefloors in her DJ sets, ‘Women’s Work’ is pure funky techno goodness. Based in the American Midwest, Noncompliant has been displaying a wide scope of styles and skills to her audience for more than 20 years.

A2. Espen Lauritzen - Cid B
Former resident in Buenos Aires’ ‘Cocoliche’, Espen is a world class handpicker for heavyweight techno. ‘Cid B’ displays the kind of mercilessly driving music he favours for his own label ‘Krill’.

B1. Jay Clarke - In The Shadows
Fabric resident Jay Clarke is based in London, where he manages his own imprint ‘Blackaxon’. In the Shadows’ is a diabolic, dark and groovy track with a very special touch of freestyle.

B2. Mode_1 - Oíche
Mode_1 comes from Dublin where he is a well-known fixture to the famous club ‘District 8’. ‘Oíche’ is a rather dreamy track, a meditation about the depths of nightlife.

C1. Ausgang - Acetat On their label ‘Ausgang’ the Berlin duo has been providing audiences with nasty, groovy techno tracks for the past few years. ‘Acetat’ had only be cut as promo dubplate before it was picked for the Mixpack E.P.

C2. Fiedel - Brethren (ft. KILLA)
As Ostgut/Berghain resident and one half of MMM, Fiedel has been part of the Berlin music scene for the past 25 years. ‘Brethren’, a fearless track that swings between house and techno features vocals by French DJ KILLA.

D1. Ron Albrecht - Several Faces
Ron Albrecht runs the ‘Pure Traxx’ imprint together with Stefan Rein. The duo has released expertly produced and sick raving tunes for a while now. ‘Several Faces’ is one of Ron’s latest techno excursions.

D2. Philippe Petit - Summer
Philippe Petit, a DJ and producer veteran from the French Alps, relentlessly releases techno hits as well as DJ tools on his own labels ‘Knotweed’ and ‘Decision Making Theory’. ‘Summer’ is a superb fresh tune that irradiates a feeling of weightlessness.

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