Wigflex/Fisher Gate Point announces intimate summer series (Peach, Jossy Mitsu, Bradley Zero +more)

Peach, Jossy Mitsu, Yazmin Lacey, Bradley Zero, Dr Banana and more lined up for intimate summer series at new Nottingham venue Fisher Gate Point

The multi-disciplinary arts & event space has been founded by the teams behind Wigflex, I’m Not From London and The Garage

Curated by the Wigflex crew, this summer will see a brand new series of intimate dance parties take place in Nottingham. These sessions launch the city’s new creative arts and event space, Fisher Gate Point, which is set to become a hub for nurturing fresh talent, offering skills support and collaborative opportunities to artists as well as shining a light on the creative life of the city through an innovative programme of events.

Acquiring the venue last year, Fisher Gate Point is a joint venture from the people behind Wigflex [multi-venue music festival], I’m Not From London [label and independent promoter], Circle of Light [youth music project], Garage, Kool Kat and The Lofthouse [former Nottingham club venues] driven by a shared passion to nurture the creative arts in Nottingham.

Working with an architect, the venue on the southside of the city will house two recording studios; a co-working space; a Garden meeting space for nurturing seedling ideas; workshop rooms; a bar/kitchen; a multi-functional events space equipped with a custom built high spec sound & light system as well as the dedicated Circle of Light and Wigflex studios.

Kicking off on the 10th July with an all dayer helmed by the Wigflex boss himself, Lukas Wigflex, artists will be invited to play extended sets or all day long in a 150 capacity loft space over the course of 8 weeks. The bookings for these sessions offer a rare opportunity to see notable names take on lengthy sets in a small setting with Peach, Jossy Mitsu, Bradley Zero, Dr Banana, Young Marco, Craig Richards, SNO and Yazmin Lacey all billed to play.

FGP isn’t a club or a rave den.. It’s a blocky, brutalist shell that provides them with enough space to fully explore the multitude of layers that make up Wigflex, outside of our most synonymous settings. Things aren’t pristine and polished, (Covid put a quick stop to any plans for that), but they’re rough and raw. DIY in body and spirit, always. The parties will be the first events to be hosted at FGP, with punters treated to the full Wigflex treatment in the space with their signature immersive visuals and interactive installations dotted around the venue for guests to explore.

There will also be a second ambient room downstairs full of bean bags, incense and a bar to allow for an opportunity of rest and reflection. Everything from the door staff to the drinks has been hand-picked by Wigflex. Think natural wine, good beer and spirits plus a few buckfast Negroni’s for good measure.

Fisher Gate Point Summer Sessions
10th July - 29th August 2021

Line up:
24/7 - SNO
31/7 - Young Marco
7/8 - Peach
14/8 - Dr Banana & Jossy Mitsu
21/8 - Bradley Zero
21/8 - Yazmin Lacey’s House Party ft Yazmin Lacey, Ella Knight, trill.pil, Tone, Marla Kether

Artwork by Yasseen Faik

Refund Policy: Unless we can do these legally without social distancing measures in place they won’t happen and there will be full refunds to anyone with a ticket.

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