Francis Harris readies new album 'Trivial Occupations'

His first full length since 2014’s “Minutes of Sleep” will be released October 19th via Scissor & Thread

‘Trivial Occupations’ is the third LP released under the Kingdoms and Scissor and Thread founder’s own name - and continues in the traditions of those landmark records. Having scaled to heights within the club scene and released almost a hundred records under different monikers, Francis Harris embarked on an altogether more personal journey as a composer of intimate, atmospheric pieces removed from the dancefloor.

Here, with ‘Trivial Occupations’, Harris dives deep into a new sound palette -bringing the listener on a journey through various states over the almost one hour run time. The album was made over the course of four years in various studios with an array of notable players, bringing a diversity of perspectives and approaches encompassed within Harris stunning artistic studio approach. It was also mixed at Jack White’s Third Man Studios again with the help of longtime collaborator and friend, Bill Skibbe.

‘At First A Wide Space’ opens up the album, setting the tone with a vista of soundscapes, merging synths, live strings by Kingdom’s artist Emil Abramyan. It sets the stage for what is perhaps the album’s (first) opus, ‘St Catherine And The Calm’. Spanning over 12 minutes, drifting through ambient textures, shuffling beats and beautifully arpeggiated melodies and found recordings, it gives the listener a widescreen intimacy, not unlike the enveloping sensation of a cinematic experience. ‘Song For Aguirre’ is a more mournful affair, built around Abramyan’s cello, deep bass tones, pad washes and distant sounding horns from Greg Paulus, adding to the noir-ish 70’s soundtrack feel. ‘Trivial Occupations’ the album’s title track and perhaps the centrepiece in terms of mood and tone, is a dizzying off-kilter Jazz trip featuring a cast of remarkable jazz players, including vocalist Genevieve Marentette, Robb Reddy (tenor sax), Darkside member DaveHarrington on guitar and Will Shore (vibes).

Breaking up the album nicely, ‘Dalloway’, perhaps Harris’ most unique production to date, moves into Dancehall territory with a collaboration with Cameroon born but NY based singer, Kaïssa.

‘Recital Of Facts’, one of the only beat-driven songs on the LP, harkens back to the sound of Harris’ last two albums with a melancholic groove paired with melodic bass fragments and the ever-present pad washes. ‘Parklife’ follows a similar vibe with the return of Greg Paulus’ mournful horns, but without any rhythmic underpinning, before the previous single ‘Minor Forms’ appears with its shuffling percussion and the singular sound of Will Shore’s Vibraphone, bringing about a climatic moment listening moment.

The final two tracks - ‘Beaumont’ and ‘No Useless Leniency’ both further explore the sense of space with which Harris has become so enamoured - creating textures and backdrops for piano (Beaumont) and horns (Useless Leniency).

It’s an album that is easy to get lost in - a structure suggesting no real beginning or end. Listening to it on loop offers the listener a chance to be fully immersed in the rich, melancholic tonalities of Harris’ sound universe..

“After making two emotionally charged concept-driven albums in Leland and Minutes of Sleep, for at least a few years,” says Harris, “I felt like I had nothing else to say musically in my solo work. I experienced a gap in my creative process and ultimately a phase of depression. I then began to deal more directly with the question of how concepts work their way into any musical work, especially if one is not necessarily adept at exploring them from a purely theoretical standpoint. How do you approach an album without a concept? Is it necessary to have a concept? This lead to all sorts of existential rabbit holes. So I decided to go back to the beginning, which was no beginning at all. It was more like living in a pure present. Just getting back to a love for making music on my own and with other people. I didn’t put a timeline on it and figured it would be finished when I felt the time was right. Four years later my Trivial Occupations became an album.”

Scissor & Thread

Francis Harris - Trivial Occupations

Release date: 19 October 2018

Track List:
01. / A1. At First A Wide Space
02. / A2. St. Catherine And The Calm
03. / B1. Song For Aguirre
04. / B2. Trivial Occupations
05. / C1. Dalloway
06. / C2. Recital Of Facts
07. / C3. Parklife
08. / D1. Minor Forms
09. / D2. Beaumont
10. / D3. No Useless Leniency

Stream the track ‘Song For Aguirre’ here


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