Scissor & Thread Podcast 16 | Francis Harris

Francis Harris is at the controls for S&T Podcast 16.
Listen to his hour-long mix on Soundcloud

Strategy- Cassette Loop
Rafael Anton Irisarri- Her Rituals
Hood- An evening Changed
Koss- Silence
Labradford- Twenty
Gigi Masin- The Kasparian Circle
Chihei Hatakeyama- Within New Trees
Voices from the Lake- Meyku
Library Tapes- Snowleaf
Moodcut- Breath Easy
Moritz Von Auswald- Pattern Three
Anjou- Fieldwork
SFT- Shishapanagma (Sprinkles remix)
Dakota Suite- The Night Just Keeps Coming In (Boats remix)
Drona Orchestry - Deep Storm II
Vincent Gallo- When


Francis Harris

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