Giant Swan share video for new single '55 Year Old Daughter'

Directed and filmed by Joe Hatt and Paul Samuel White
Edited by Paul Samuel White
Produced by Keith Leaf

Giant Swan: “55YOD is the first track on our album and speaks to our love of clattering rhythms and vocals. The track was composed by Harry and you can tell because it’s amazingly funky and has a very loud snare in it. The video takes footage from an impromptu party we threw in Bristol - it encapsulates an important element of our ethos; dance together with feelings.”

Keith Leaf (producer): “We committed the cardinal sin of trying to recreate the essence of a live behemoth’s show for a music video, in an old cinema in Bristol at 3pm on a Wednesday. Initially there was some conceptual guff that we were meant to do to bookend the performance, but once we’d filmed them for 50 mins (cut short as the staff room ceiling below was collapsing) we realised we didn’t need anything else. One hundred wig caps wasted, but one hundred eyes, lug holes and soles lavished as always.”

Watch the video for ‘55 Year Old Daughter’ here

Giant Swan’s self-titled debut album is out 8th November, via their own label, Keck.

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