Rave Revolution: Héctor Oaks talks to Glamcult

“Techno is the real punk.”

December 7 was a day of particular significance to Glamcult; celebratory, to say the least. Tbilisi’s renowned club Bassiani released As We Were Saying, the first ever full-length album on its fledgeling imprint ‘Bassiani’. This meant only one thing: all day and night plans cancelled, we succumbed to the LP’s heartfelt techno beats. Masterfully crafted by Bassiani (and Herrensauna) resident Héctor Oaks, the collection of 11 tracks carries the club’s charged atmosphere all the way from the basement of Dinamo Arena stadium, Bassiani’s homebase, straight to your body and heart.

But this is no coincidence. Oaks, also known as Cadency, is the Madrid-born and Berlin-based DJ, producer and label head to whom the underground turns when in need of a serious dose of raw, emotion-driven techno. With inimitable love for vinyl, he’s celebrated for his eclectic mixes and marathon-long sets that draw from both contemporary and historic techno references. Oaks’ involvement with this culture does not start or finish with the DJ pool or the music studio, however. A restless raver himself, he’s unapologetic when it comes to protecting the community’s freedom, safety and longevity.

When local Tbilisi police raided Bassiani earlier this year on grounds of five drug-related deaths (proven to have nothing to do with the club), Oaks naturally found himself in the midst of an upsetting event—part of a larger governmental attack on LGBTQ+ safe places and drug awareness—that generated powerful and rebellious upheaval. It was that unification of ravers locally and worldwide, together with Bassiani’s distinctive spatiality and vibe, that turned out to be major catalysts in the creation of As We Were Saying, and in Héctor’s own (re)confirmation of the power of music and raving.

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