Glamcult Rave Revolution: Volvox

“The rave community creates a new spiritual home.”

Music is the one medium that, throughout time, has connected people. Blasting beats as backdrops to sweat-infused dance floors create an environment of feeling, thought and touch. And today, raves are our chosen home; a space for each and every one of us to gather and—ideally—feel secure and be appreciated just for who we are. In celebration and exploration of these modern havens, Glamcult presents its Rave Revolution series—a sequence of in-depth talks with the underground’s forefront minds; those who make the culture thrive.

First up, Glamcult spoke to local favourites Spielraum, Amsterdam’s queer techno night that plays a pivotal role in a community hungry for inclusion and diversity. This time, they step into the mind of Volvox —the artist whose acid-flavoured tunes leave an unapologetically authentic mark on dance floors west and east, north and south. Hailing from São Paulo and now based in New York, Volvox spins high-energy techno she describes as “the soundtrack to an emergency”. Behind the booth for 13 years and counting, she’s someone we turn to when our bodies crave to move till dawn and when our brains ache for answers to the questions burning inside.

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