Comic Sans Records announce 'Anxiety Prime', an experimental collaboration with Caen-based duo Glass

After their acclaimed apparitions on OOH-sounds, Santé Records and Zoe Mcpherson’s SFX, Glass comes back with Comic Sans for their longest work to date.

Anxiety Prime is the result of a collaboration between Glass and Comic Sans’s headquarters. Through the whole record, the experimental writing of the duo bends underground club culture references into a playful and hybrid sound experience. To achieve this result, the Caen based producers use every tools at their disposal from cutting-edge techniques like max/msp programming, machine learning to random internet sound sampling, voice experimentation and eld recordings to name a few.

The duo’s work can be seen as a contemporary sound collage, where hundreds of heavy processed sonic fragments are carefully arranged into a multi-layered composition. Anxiety Prime is a physical exploration of socio-political violence and the ambiguous nature of our fragmented personality in our modern society.

About Glass:
Glass is an experimental electronic music duo from France. Their work explores the physical aspect of sounds as a response to an explicit impulse to investigate the influence of contemporary conditions and modern compositional tools on musical aesthetics. By ‘abusing’ a wide range of compositional techniques and tools, their agency aims to echo modern commodification, the overwhelming presence of media content as well as social and political violence.

They released music via OOH-sounds, Santé Records, SFX and Loose Lips, and collaborate with AI artist Lorem—“crY” videoclip— and Lucia Bertazzo for the Xqui- siteForce.AV collaborative project revealed in CTM 2021.

Comic Sans Records

Glass - Anxiety Prime

Release Date: 21 September 2021

A1. Spot Explorer
A2. Hybrid Thinking
A3. (High) Reptile Shit
A4. Online Fantasy
B1. Skin Transfer
B2. Quantic Blunt
B3. Jim and Caroline Were Bad Omens

Listen to ‘Spot Explorer’ via Soundcloud or Bandcamp

Developer notes.

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