Grant shares exclusive demo tracks on new Stamp The Wax mix

“The mysterious Grant made a major blip on our radar with this debut LP, The Acrobat, this year. Hitting a real deep house nerve that only Frank & Tony know how, he has sought to separate himself from a past-life alias through the small and specific label, The Lauren Bacall, which has had a short run of equally deep releases. Grant fuels a very slow-burning fire, which he intends to keep as such through his excellent ear for real, serious and patient dance music. After putting together an hour-long mix, of deep and jazzy tones (tracklist below), he also took the time to answer a few questions we had about the LP, the sound and the future.”

Find the mix & interview on Stamp The Wax.

‘The Acrobat’ LP is out now via The Lauren Bacall.

Developer notes.

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