Groove Podcast 135: Shanti Celeste

“There’s few young artists who are as versatile as Shanti Celeste. That however doesn’t come as a surprise if you take a look at the Chilean-born artist’s biography: Having started DJing during the Dubstep craze in the UK, she first focused on Minimal Techno before taking a job at one of Bristol’s finest addresses, the record store Idle Hands. After co-running one of the store’s labels, Brstl, with a strong focus on House music, she inaugurated her own imprint Peach Discs this year with a two-track EP, featuring the standout track „Selector“. Her often Electro-tinged productions are mirrored in what followed after that, releases by Fred, Checkov and Ciel. Shanti Celeste’s contribution to our Groove podcast is just as multi-faceted, ranging from adventurous Jungle vibes to the soothing New Age sounds of Pauline Anna Strom.”

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Peach Discs

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