Untold picks Hemlock's Top 10 Releases for Hyponik

Hemlock Recordings began its journey back in 2008. The independent record label, which is based in London, has gone on to output some of the unrivalled names in the left field electronic scene.

With releases from James Blake, Randomer, Ramadanman (Pearson Sound’s first alias) and head honcho Untold, the label has dug a path for dubstep’s new direction and continued experimentation in a unique and historic scene.

Hemlock’s boss Jack Dunning, aka Untold, has solidified his imprint in the bass scene for almost 10 years, with his first release Kingdom coming out on Hessle Audio back in 2008 and other releases on labels such as R&S, Hotlflush and of course Hemlock. The head honcho has become a trailblazer in colliding tentative frequencies with cavernous patterns and has one hell of an eye for an exquisite release.

With all this praise, Hyponik kindly asked Untold to send across some of his favourite releases since the beginning days of Hemlock’s creation.

Check out his selections on Hyponik


Ploy - Unruly

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