Doc Scott's 31 Recordings announce new album from Hidden Turn

‘The Ride’ LP from Hidden Turn is out 23rd September on Vinyl & Digital, and marks 31 Recordings’ first artist album release

“31 has been going now for 22 years and Hidden Turn’s The Ride is the first artist album in the labels history. I’m very happy the we have such a special artist to mark this occasion. As we have said all along, its kinda dnb, kinda not, but we like it and we think he is very special” -Doc Scott

From the kid who bought Shadow Boxing/Prototyped on vinyl to releasing an album on the same legendary 31 Recordings is a dream come true. Self-taught, fuelled by emotion, driven by passion, it’s come to this. The Ride on 31. “Home-made with love.” All we know about him is he’s originally from Manchester, England and now lives in Brazil.

Hidden Turn first came to the attention of Doc Scott and 31 Recordings with the track ‘Big Dirty’. Scott had been playing it on his Future Beats radio show and contacted him about releasing it on his label.

What can we say about this album? We don’t like long winded descriptions, we’d rather you come up with that when you listen. But we can say this - there is no one quite like Hidden Turn, in Drum & Bass or in the music world. He is his own man and thats why we love him and the initial description of ‘kinda dnb, kinda not, but we like it’ is still as appropriate as ever.

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