Belgium's Horst Festival announces Music, Art, and Architecture Labs

The series will take place from August 1 - 9, at Asiat, Vilvoorde, Brussels, in close partnership with KU Leuven

Belgian arts and music festival Horst launched the Lab series in 2019 as a platform for experimentation, co-creation, and creative talent development. This year, the second series of three Labs will open to over 75 (inter)national creatives from all backgrounds.

The Music Lab, the Art Lab, and the Architecture Lab will all be held in the first week of August in partnership with KU Leuven, Europe’s most innovative university.

The Architecture Lab is focused on Post Constructivism with Geneva-based architects Leopold Banchini designing a new pavilion, re-using the materials of the 2019 Feathers stage in collaboration with BC Architects, creating an intimate hut for ritual conversations.

The Music Lab poses the question ‘How do we push our music culture forward?’ The topics discussed will be presented both in digital and physical form and vary from ‘Dance music in the 2020s: navigating a crisis and building a better future’ to ‘Let’s talk about cultural appropriation and whitewashing of music’. Some of the guest speakers include DeForrest Brown Jr. (Make Techno Black Again), DTM Funk, Nadine Artois (Pxssy Palace, Lesbiennale), Matt Schulz (Unsound), Will Lynch (Resident Advisor) and Avril Ceballos (Futura Agency, Cómeme).

The Art Lab wants to research art as an instigator for social cohesion, ecologic transformation, and decolonisation and will consist of guest lectures, workshops, and group discussions as well as a visit to several art institutions in Brussels. For this series, Horst has enlisted Claire Bishop (Critic and professor in the PhD Program in Art History at the Graduate Center, City University of New York), Diana Campbell Betancourt (founding Artistic Director of the Samdani Art Foundation and Chief Curator of the Dhaka Art Summit since 2013) and many more.

Applications are now open until midnight 12th July.

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