Huerco S. steps up for a Juno Plus podcast

To celebrate the arrival of his delightful second album, the New York resident turns in a superb hour-long mix for Juno Plus.

This month saw the release of For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have), a loftily-titled second Huerco S. allbum on Proibito that sees the New York-based artist strip away drums to focus on a more meditative approach. As Tom Faber poetically put it in his review of the album, “the nine songs are bathed in shifting tides of ambience, illuminated by bright melodies like shafts of light through water.” As a whole, the album is a confident statement of creativity from a producer who has really progressed musically since his emergence in the ‘outsider house’ boom of 2012.

It is the Proibito label overseen by Anthony Naples that has been the willing facilitator of much of his friend’s recent music across a number of aliases including Royal Crown Of Sweden, Independence Ave. Orchestra and various iterations of Huerco S. If For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) is the result then long may this relationship continue. Having run a feature with Huerco S. back at the turn of 2013, we felt enough time had passed to add him to our ever-growing list of podcast contributors and we couldn’t be happier with the mix he submitted.

Delivered with the subtitle of ‘Cool Cool Summer Mix,’ the 61 minute-long session breezes through all manner of styles in a way that gently whispers into your ear, “you’ll always remember me.” It is up there with the Porn Sword Tobacco and Charles Manier mixes in our personal favourites. Huerco S. – or Brian Leeds to friends and family – was also kind enough to answer some questions regarding his new album, working with Naples, his open house parties with DJ Wey and what else we can expect from him as the year progresses.

Check out the podcast and an interview with Huerco S. over at Juno Plus.

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