Sync 24 chats to Hyponik about his label's new From The Dark compilation series

Within the UK electro machine, a few vital cogs twist and turn to keep the motor ticking. Label bosses like CPSmith and Andrea Parker, promoters such as Scand and Plex, and figurehead producers much the same as Claro Intelecto and Radioactive Man are all pivotal nuts and bolts, without which an inevitable stutter and breakdown would occur.

One such cog, the pistons driving the engine, is Phil Bolland, the man behind party night Scand, record label Cultivated Electronics, and producer Sync 24. Through his events, venues across London have been graced by some of the best electro DJs from all over the globe, whilst his label has released top quality machine-music from leading producers.

Cultivated Electronics’ latest release, From The Dark, stays true to the label’s pedigree with 8 fueled-up cuts of mechanised electro. Hyponik spoke to Phil about the upcoming release, his experience within electro, and plans for the future.

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Cultivated Electronics

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