Hyponik stream new Kessel Vale track 'Blue Portrait'

“Kessel Vale’s debut EP ‘Shapes’, released earlier this year on John Osborne’s Tanstaafl Planets imprint, was praised for its fresh, headstrong soundscape of skew-whiff beats that built on the lineage of German House music.
The young producer’s newest endeavour – the ‘Blue Portrait’ EP, out November 27 on Rhythm Nation – offers up a similar sound, and Hyponik have got an exclusive listen on the title track. ‘Blue Portrait’ has a distinctive bassline that gives way to raw industrial drums and hazy, stoned synths that nod in the direction of his German compatriots Max Graef and Glenn Astro. We can’t get enough of it.”

Listen on Hyponik.

‘Blue Portrait’ is out 27 November on Rhythm Nation.

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