Lazare Hoche discusses new 'Access' compilation with Inverted Audio

Lazare Hoche, real name Charlie Naffah is a DJ, producer and record label owner from Paris. Charlie founded Lazare Hoche Records back in 2011 and has since released music from a close circle of friends including Malin Genie, Mandar, Stephan Hoellermann, Headcore and many others. 2015 marks the imprints 4th year of operation as well as the labels debut boxset compilation.
‘Access‘ contains 11 deep house tracks, old and new, that embody Charlie’s personal sound aesthetic. The compilation also gives collectors the opportunity to finally get their hands on some serious in demand tracks, most notably Roy Davis & DJ Skull’s remix of Modal’s ‘Lovers‘.

Inverted Audio spoke to Charlie to discuss the compilation and his journey into music so far.
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Lazare Hoche

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