French Fries and Bambounou are in the mix for i - D

French Fries and Bambounou are just two of the progressive producers be found on the third part of Jimmy Edgar’s esoteric, Techno tinged ‘Metaphysix’ series, released on Ultramajic.

‘Metaphysix’ looks at the relationship and musical connection between Paris and Ultramajic, with Edgar inviting five ostensibly disparate producers, including Fries and Bambounou (as well as Crystal Bandito, Bobmo, Aden and Creepy Autograph)to translate similar musical ideas through cultural barriers.

To celebrate the release, Fries and Bambounou have curated a special mix for i-D that consists of calibrating of oscilloscopes, and other such wonders. Press play on this mysterious soundtrack where a wealth of new music is awaiting to be discovered.

Listen to the mix here

Developer notes.

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