i-Dj: south london ordnance

South London Ordnance steps up for this weeks i-DJ

“A collection of predominantly dance floor tracks I’m enjoying playing out at the moment. Quite a lot of new music: cut off the CW/A album which I’m really into; great new Bjarki; new Cosmic TRG which I love; something wicked from a friend writing under Pris coming out soon on Avian, a label I’ve always been a fan of. I’ve shied away from putting my own music in podcasts in the past, so it was nice to be able to include a couple of tracks off my new record which have been really doing the business out at the moment ­- Bind and Lockjaw. The former is pretty upfront, the latter more submerged ­- both of which I’m really happy with. Closed the mix with music off the Sergie Rezza album which I’ve been listening to a lot ­ a really well realised LP; same goes for the Levantis LP ­ wonderfully brooding stuff. The Symbol track that finishes the mix is actually something I play in the mornings a lot. I find a lot of droning ambient stuff quite dull, but this piece is genuinely emotive ­ early AM train home biz.” - South London Ordnance

Listen to the mix on i-D.

Tor EP is out now via Aery Metals


South London Ordnance

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