Ikram Bouloum debuts on MANS O's new label So Urgent

Barcelona-based music and producer MANS O creates his record label, So Urgent, dedicated to the sound of different sensibilities and contexts, with its own recording studio. The label will debut with the release with the awaited first EP of the artist Ikram Bouloum, with her first single “Ineia” out now.

The label aims to build artistic bridges between the effervescent Barcelona’s local scene and the international scene, and joins vocalists, musicians, instrumentalists and artists from different backgrounds and sensibilities to create new sounds, raw and harmonic, wild and delicate at the same time.

So Urgent is born with the aim of being a meeting point, an artistic space of creation with its own recording studio located in the neighborhood of La Vall d’Hebrón, in the Horta-Guinardó district. Far from being a mere receiver of musical proposals, So Urgent invites the artists to create in community, sharing their space-time and with an accurate selection by MANS O.

Ikram Bouloum, the first artist on the label

The new label will debut with the release of the awaited first EP of the Barcelona-based artist and musical agitator Ikram Bouloum, which will be released at the end of May. The EP, named “Ha-bb5” and produced by MANS O, recovers rhythms and sounds of the Moroccan musical culture, and are mixed with the imaginary the artist has been building over the last years working as a DJ. It’s the first time Ikram Bouloum artistically uses her mother tongue, Amazigh.

So Urgent

Ikram Bouloum - Ineia
Out Now

Watch music video for ‘Ineia’ here or stream the single here

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