Ilian Tape line up new Skee Mask LP 'Compro'

The second album from Skee Mask on Ilian Tape is due for release 15th May, following a succession of 12”s and his 2016 debut LP ‘Shred’

Skee Mask’s endless search and fascination for fresh music, weed and burgers channeled into his own vision of sound. Enjoy the ride through his second album, a detailed experimental universe of a young dedicated hustler.

Skee Mask - Compro

Release Date: 15 May 2018

Formats: 2x12“ 180g Vinyl, Digital

Track List:
01. Cerroverb
02. Session Add
03. Rev8617
04. 50 Euro To Break Boost
05. Via Sub Mids
06. Soundboy Ext.
07. Dial 274
08. VLI
09. Flyby VFR
10. Muk FM
11. Kozmic Flush
12. Calimance (Delay Mix)

Developer notes.

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