Ilian Tape announce 10 year anniversary compilation

‘A Decade Ilian Tape’ due for release 28th February 2017, featuring Zenker Brothers, Skee Mask, Andrea & more

“When we started Ilian Tape 10 years ago in 2007, we were both basically kids at the ages of 23 (Dario) and 18 (Marco). There was no plan behind it, no concept, no promotion campaign or any budget, but just an early vision of where it could go. We wanted to build something that lasts. After a few years of playing at parties and producing music, it was the next logical step to start a label. You can clearly see us growing up through the label in terms of artwork, compiling the records and handling things. We made some mistakes along the way and there are surely things we could have done better, but looking back after 10 years now it all makes sense as it was a natural and human development with all its ups and downs.

It was always a very personal project, never about making money, but about creating a platform for music we believe in and building relationships with artists in a transparent and fair way. We really appreciate that we were able to work with so many great artists, who shared the same vision and trusted in us, over all the years. A while ago we moved away from the ordinary release info write ups, because in general writing about music is tricky and who isn’t tired of the typical, full of praise for every detail of a record, release texts?

But this might be starting to get boring for you too, so just buy this lovely triple vinyl package including a poster and download code, light one up and turn up the volume!

One last thing though - we want to deeply thank our parents for teaching us to live our dreams and find out who we really are, our friends for the vibes and honesty, all the artists releasing on the label, all the supporters & fans for buying vinyl and files, all the DJ’s playing out the stuff, all the diggers selling the stuff overpriced on Discogs, all the dancers working out on the dancefloors & all the clubs doing label nights over all the years.”

A Decade Ilian Tape
Release Date: 28th February 2017
Format: 3x12“ 180g vinyl

A1. Skee Mask - Excess Signal
A2. Struction - Seel
B1. Stenny - P-Zone
B2. Zenker Brothers - Haras
C1. Seelow - KKid_V2
C2. Marco Zenker - Sumit
D1. Rupcy - Straits
D2. Andrea - Blew
E1. Regen - Dome
E2. Roger 23 - Of Poor Quality And Method Of Communication
F1. Andrés Zacco - Shapes
F2. Dario Zenker - Tilian


Zenker Brothers


Ilian Tape

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