Teki Latex & Brice Coudert launch new label Impossible City Records with Renslink EP

Impossible City Records is the new label created under the supervision of Underscope, a structure run by Brice Coudert, founder and former artistic director of Paris clubs Concrete and Dehors Brut. For this label, Brice entrusted the musical and artistic direction to Teki Latex.

“The name Impossible City Records refers to a recurring dream where I find myself in the streets of a city that is strangely familiar to me but does not really exist. This city has the towering skyscrapers of New York, the neon lights and small alleys of Tokyo, the warm feeling of Montreal, and a slight southern France seaside town feel. I stroll through this city where everyone knows me and greets me, from the cheesemaker to the club bouncer, as if I were on Sesame Street. As I walk along the streets, I push open doors that each lead to a completely different and secret world. The label’s art direction will be conceived in this image.” -Teki Latex

To take on the great responsibility of producing the label’s very first release, Impossible City Records have chosen English artist Renslink (formerly Ren), a local figure in Leeds whose previous work has received strong support from artists such as Objekt, Peder Mannerfelt, Low Jack, and ZULI.

The 5 tracks on “Curiosity Is A Type Of Youth”, at the crossroads of ambient and the more dramatic sounds of modern Club Music, are driven by sharp and martial sound design, which never overshadows the cinematic scope, the emotional power, and the feeling of deliverance provoked by this work as a whole.

Impossible City Records

Renslink - Curiosity Is A Type Of Youth

Release Date: 11 June 2021

Track List:
01. !8
02. A Room Devoted To You
03. Thoughts Leak From Me
04. Just Like That
05. Curiosity Is A Type Of Youth ft č feat. Lucy Grey

Stream the title track here or watch the video here

Developer notes.

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