Moroccan trap artist Issam releases new single 'Wjahna Deep'

‘Wjahna Deep’ is the first single of Issam’s highly anticipated debut album ‘Crystal’, coming out during the first quarter of 2021 on Island Def Jam (France).

Marking the perfect introduction to Issam’s new music and vision of his upcoming project, ‘Wjahna Deep’ follows on from recent self-released single ‘Nike’ which has amassed over 1 million views on YouTube and nearly 700k plays on Spotify since its release in March.

The single is a melancholic melody lullaby with highly Rai influenced legacy tones. Issam sings about a dark past and unknown future which, makes him the man he is today - aware and lost on a life transition where peace and love is the only thing that can make him go further. He compares it to many cross-cultural perspectives like the moon and sun that never meet but controls Earth’s energy, and life could not exist without it.

Issam first reached a global audience with his 2018 single ‘Trap Beldi’, regarded as one of the first Moroccan trap songs to reach over 10 million views on YouTube. What is particular of Issam’s music is the blending of auto-tuned vocals delivered in Darija or Moroccan vernacular Arabic, and classic TR-808 generated beats with elements from traditional North African music.

Stream ‘Wjahna Deep’ here

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