Interdimensional Transmissions share Return To Source line-up, Acid Series EPs and No Way Back documentary

“Join us for a rare celebration where we return to the source, to what inspired us in the first place. Our home is in the underground.” - from the inaugural leaky roof No Way Back in 2007.

It was true then, and it is true now. What began as a party that extended beyond boundaries in 2007 has found a new home in the Tangent Gallery, and it has blossomed into its own kind of festival, with the Tresor party on Saturday Night, No Way Back on Sunday, and The Bunker party on Monday. With the additional events not thrown by us, but that we do production for (Eden on Friday and a special party in the sunlight on Monday), the Tangent became its own special destination that weekend.

Thus 313: Return to the Source was born. This year we celebrate that with a specially priced weekend pass for all 313: Return to the Source events (Tresor, No Way Back, The Bunker), this weekend pass includes an IT tote bag, and once you have claimed your weekend wristband, you will not have to wait in ticketing lines for remaining parties.

Lineup 313: Return to Source

313: Return to the Source - Day 1
Sat May 26, 10 PM
Tresor Berlin & Interdimensional Transmissions Present: Tresor.313

Dasha Rush LIVE
Adam X
Silent Servant
Justin Long
Anthony “Shake” Shakir
Claude Young
Marcellus Pittman
FIT Siegel
Daniel Bell - outdoor sunrise set

313: Return to the Source - Day 2
Sun May 27, 11 PM
No Way Back

Patrick Russell
Erika (live)
Carlos Souffront
Derek Plaslaiko
Mike Servito
Bryan Kasenic
Scott Zacharias
Outer Space (live)
David Shettler (live)
Grant Aaron
+ surprise international guest

313: Return to the Source - Day 3
Mon May 28, 10pm
Interdimensional Transmissions presents 15 Years of The Bunker

The Dance Room:
Jane Fitz & Eric Cloutier
Function & Adam X - Brooklyn Beats ’88-91
Mike Servito & Bryan Kasenic

The Come Down Room:
Gunnar Haslam - Live
Clay Wilson & rrao - Live
Abby Echiverri - Live
Beau Wanzer
Stallone The Reducer

To further celebrate over 10 years of No Way Back, we are continuing the Acid Series, a series of records on IT inspired by the No Way Back parties, with new volumes from Jordan Zawideh and BMG & Derek Plaslaiko. The Acid Series includes submissions from Tin Man & Ectomorph, Jasen Loveland, Justin Cudmore, BMG & Derek Plaslaiko, Jordan Zawideh, Dona, Romans and Pervocet (Patrick Russell & Jasen Loveland). They all arrive in a unique sleeve especially created for this series, inspired by the decorations of NWB. The second 2 volumes of the Acid Series will be released physically & digitally on 26th May, and will be available in the merch booth during all 313: Return to the Source events.

Acid Series Vol 3 - Jordan Zawideh
Stream clips here

Acid Series Vol 4 - BMG & Derek Plaslaiko
Stream clips here

As a special treat, IT have made a documentary about No Way Back with producer CK Nelson and filmmaker Andrew Charles Edman, centering on last year’s 10th Anniversary, and telling the history and touch stones of this party. Watch it here


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