ItaloJohnson reflect on London's Dance Tunnel for Crack Magazine

What is your favourite memory of Dance Tunnel? We don’t have to think twice about this one. A former girlfriend of one of our members who we were supposed to meet at the Dance Tunnel decided to reveal herself by performing a perfect split on the subwoofers, which were located right in front of the DJ booth at the time. The bouncer on site went a bit beyond the call of duty and tackled the 6 foot tall hotstuff off the subs. We had to do a lot of persuading and involve [Dance Tunnel’s owner] Dan Beaumont to convince the doorman that she was actually with us. Overwhelmed with positive emotions over our victory we decided to crank it up a notch and get quite lubricated… The whole evening and the set turned out so well that by the end of the night we got flushed out (by the same bouncer) together with the crowd without collecting our fee or bringing our jackets. Dan and Matt were kind enough to transfer the fee the very next day. Don’t get us started on the afterparty.

What makes Dance Tunnel such a pleasure to attend/play? The best things about playing at the Tunnel are: that you get to eat the legendary Cockblocker sandwhiches at Dan Beaumont’s burger joint / bar, the Dalston Superstore, aaand the Dance Tunnel has by far the bestest frozen margaritas we have ever had in our live-fast-die-young lives.

What does Dance Tunnel’s closure mean for London nightlife? The Tunnel is not closed yet, so let us hope there is something that can be done to keep this from happening – and in case it is happening, we are certain the lads will cook up an even sicker venue that will add much more to London’s nightlife.

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