J.C. to release debut LP via Fred P's Boards label

Release Date: 01.06.15

J.C. - Portrait of the Flying Sky

Fred P’s Soul People off shoot Boards is to release its first album in the form of Portrait of the Flying Sky, a debut full length from Spanish DJ, producer and label boss Jose Cabrera aka J.C. The pair first hooked up via social media, and after hanging out and DJing together found they shared a common musical ground that first lead to Fred releasing on JC’s label. Now the favour is returned with this ten track techno opus.

J.C, whose label A Harmless Deed he runs with friend Damian Schwartz, has already released a split EP with Fred on Soul People. He has also served up his hypnotic, deep techno sounds on Deeply Rooted House and is part of the resident DJ team at Tresor, so is well versed in all forms of techno. Importantly, though, this accomplished talent also takes cues from jazz as much as Axis, M-Plant, from Basic Channel as much as post punk, rock, rap, etc..

“From day one I knew it was going to be a long and hard process,” he says of the writing process. “So I took it with a lot of patience and not setting up any deadline. I really wanted to reflect all my influences on it and I was really sure I wanted to make a dance floor orientated album. I don’t really understand people who always release EPs related to techno or house and then, at LP time, just go ambient or do more electronica stuff. Being my first album, I really wanted to reflect where I come from and what I have been doing most of my life.”

As a result, the heady album - that features a number of collaborations, such as the excellent ‘Nebula 584’ with Ilian Tape boss Dario Zenker or ‘Dementia’ featuring Psynote - is a snapshot of J.C’s musical life and learning to date, and it tells a tale of someone who has perfected the techno form. Opener ‘Caliban’ sets the tone with its sci-fi ambiance, before ‘Human Behaviour’ immediately sets to work, tunnelling into the future on a bare, supple groove. From there the grooves stay streamlined and seductive, but range from rubbery and acid flecked on ‘Endorphinas feat Kastil’ to manic and minimal on ‘Hydra’.

Thoroughly and resolutely heads down and deep throughout, this is the otherworldly sound you expect from the Boards label. At times it makes for atmospheric, engaging listening (see ‘King of the Wild Frontier’) and at others it recalls masters like Robert Hood (‘Hyperion Featuring Tadeo’), but never is it anything less than a well produced, absorbingly heady trip through the many different shades of techno.

A1 Caliban
A2 Endorphinas (feat. Kastil)
B1 Human Behavior
B2 Hydra
B3 King of the Wild Frontier
C1 Nebula 584 (feat. Dario Zenker)
C2 Nereid
D1 Hyperion (feat. Tadeo)
D2 Titania
D3 Dementia (feat. Psynote)

Developer notes.

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