XLR8R Podcast 389: JETS — Sónar 2015 Festival Edition

“We kind of knew what we would get when the electronic Prince-isms of Jimmy Edgar merged with the sometimes glitchy, sample-fueled melodicism of Travis “Machinedrum” Stewart when they first teamed up under the JETS name in 2012—experimentalism merged with songcraft, both accessible and skewed.
Still, we weren’t quite prepared for this Edgar-Machinedrum–forged mix, coming hot on the heels of their recent (and excellent) The Chants EP on Ultramajic: Presented as a radio show—JETS Radio Vol. II: Dimensions, to be precise—it’s an hour-plus of creamy, freaky and gorgeous R&B and hip-hop, contorted to the producers’ will in a way that treads the line between subtle and intense.
It’s a beauty—give it a listen and see if you think so, too.”

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01 JETS Radio Intro
02 JETS “U. N. I.” (featuring Jamie Lidell) (Ultramajic)
03 Jimmy Edgar “Ice” (unreleased)
04 JETS “For You” (Featuring Roses Gabor) (unreleased)
05 Machinedrum “Inside of Me” (unreleased)
06 Jimmy Edgar “Dripwet (2003)” (unreleased)
07 James Farmer “Sanctify” (JETS Production) [unreleased]
08 Jimmy Edgar “Dreams Come True” (unreleased)
09 Machinedrum “Dekalbeat” (Featuring Theophilus London) (unreleased)
10 Jimmy Edgar “Dance Slow” (unreleased)
11 Jimmy Edgar “Pyramid Resonance” (with Rasheeda—”Let It Go” accapella) (unreleased)
12 Machinedrum “Untitledrnb 0114” (unreleased)
13 Jimmy Edgar “Feel What It Is” (with Ciara— “1 2 Step” accapella (unreleased)
14 Interlude (Featuring Damon Zex)
15 Kevin Hussein “Body” (Machinedrum remix)
16 Jimmy Edgar “HDRT BX” (with Iconz ft. Trick Daddy—“We Thuggin’” accapella) (unreleased)
17 Machinedrum “Flute Thug Beat” (unreleased)
18 JETS “Attune” (featuring Roses Gabor) (unreleased)
19 Machinedrum “Glassed” (with Mike Jones—“Still Tippin’” accapella) (unreleased)
20 Jimmy Edgar “Solar Projection” (with S.W.V.—“Weak” Accapella) (unreleased)
21 JETS “Pyrite Blue” (Ultramajic)
22 Ango “K.I.L.L.Y.O.U.R.B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D.” (produced by Machinedrum) (self -released)
23 Jimmy Edgar “Musica Por Bondage [2004]” (unreleased)
24 Jimmy Edgar “Inner City Colors” (unreleased)
25 Daley “Broken” (Machinedrum Remix) [unreleased)
26 Jimmy Edgar “DKDT” (unreleased)
27 Machinedrum “Turn da Lights Off” (with Three 6 Mafia Ft. Young Buck, 8Ball & Mjg—”Stay Fly” accapella) (unreleased)
28 Jimmy Edgar “Blast Off Bae” (unreleased)
39 Jets “Pink Beat” (vocal version) (Ultramajic)
30 A message from our sponsors
31 Machinedrum “Tarot Beat” (with Young Dro—”Shoulda Lean” Accapella) (unreleased)
32 Jimmy Edgar & L-Vis 1990 “red Two” (with Gucci Mane—“Pillz” Accapella) (unreleased)
33 Daktyl “Stay” (Machinedrum remix) (Mad Decent)
34 Jets “Fuk U Up” (unreleased)
35 Machinedrum & Fracture “Zombie Beat” (unreleased)
36 Body Language “Really Love” (Machinedrum Remix) (B3sci Records)
37 Jimmy Edgar “Bell of tha Ball” (with Fat Joe & Akon—”One” accapella) (unreleased)
38 Jets “#Newkenya” (featuring Jesse Boykins III) (unreleased)
39 Jets “Dangerzone” (unreleased)
40 Machinedrum “Badboy Beat” (with Sunny Valentine feat. Yung Joc—”If U Pay Me” accapella) (unreleased)
41 Jimmy Edgar “Jackson Interception” [(unreleased)
42 Jets Radio outro


Jimmy Edgar

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