Jimmy Edgar offers free download of his DJ Spookie 'Reload' edit

Produced by Jimmy Edgar
Original production by DJ Spookie

“This track has been one of my personal joys since I first heard it in 1998. I decided to make an edit, mostly because all of my vinyl copies are in such poor condition. Coincidentally, Traxman introduced me to Emmanuel Pippen (aka DJ Spookie) just a day before this free release. After speaking, I was surprised to find out he produced another top record of mine, Emanuel “Me & 909” on Trax Records.

Emmanuel gave his blessing with the edit, which is important to me because I wanted to keep the integrity of the track while also adding my personal flavor to it. Thank you for sharing this moment with me.”

Download ‘DJ Spookie - Reload [Jimmy Edgar Edit]’ for free via Jimmy Edgar’s Bandcamp page.


Jimmy Edgar

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