UK rapper John Glacier releases new single 'Icing'

London based artist John Glacier has become an almost totemic figure within the city’s underground music scene. Widely regarded as one of the UK’s most exciting and elusive talents, John’s officially released output is scarce. Save for scene-stealing features for Dean Blunt’s Babyfather project and Ragz Originale, as well as a handful of extremely well received online releases, her talents are somewhat of an urban legend. This is however, all due to change this summer with the release of her debut project, SHILOH: Lost For Words. A 12-track collection of confounding rap music - the project places the talents of one of London’s most enigmatic yet prodigious artists on full show for the first time. After unveiling the filtered out bombast of Vegyn-produced first single ‘If Anything’ last month, Glacier today reveals another taste of the project in the form of ‘Icing’.

Produced by Holly and Vegyn, ‘Icing’ is a dream-like amble through the inner psyche of John Glacier. Punctuated by delicate digitised loops that weave between each other, hard hitting 808s and a skeletal drum pattern, John lifts the curtain a little more on her artistry; swarming the instrumental with flows that simultaneously feel nonchalant and scattergun. Her bitcrushed vocal blends seamlessly amongst the track’s digital cacophony as she muses on her workrate, her unrivalled skills and her outlier status in her own poetic style.

Due for release this summer, SHILOH: Lost For Words places those unparalleled storytelling abilities on full show, taking on a raw, autobiographical tone - spotlighting her own experiences growing up in Hackney as a young woman, spliced with her own unique lyrical style and laid back flow. The project is also a consolidation of the very special creative partnership forged over the last year with Vegyn, the London-born producer and PLZ Make It Ruins boss. That relationship is audible within the music. Across the project, the two – alongside producers Holly, Psychedelic Ensemble and Tn_490 – merge their styles in a multitude of different ways. Glacier’s singular wordplay is matched by Vegyn’s lo-fi, emotion-imbued touch in a way which feels brand new. The project finds a one-of-a-kind sonic touchpoint between grainy emotion and unbridled, unapologetic confidence - resulting in a simultaneously fantastical and concrete record that could not have been birthed anywhere but London.

The culmination of the rapture of intrigue that has circled her name since her emergence onto the scene, with SHILOH: Lost For Words, John Glacier writes the opening chapter to her own legend - one that is sure to take UK rap into unexpected, thrilling places.

PLZ Make It Ruins

John Glacier - SHILOH: Lost For Words

Release date: 30 July 2021

1. If Anything
2. Icing
3. Cryptomnesia
4. Trelawny Waters
5. Timing
6. Senseless
7. Boozy
8. Platoon
9. Green Elephant Freestyle
10. Some Other Thing
11. On Formulation
12. No More Left Like It’s Death

Stream ‘Icing’ here

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