Jonas Kopp serves up a mind-altering ambient mix for Self-Titled

“This mix is an extension of my current state of mind, my deepest sound message for all of you. The basic idea is to create a frequency trip, so the audience may have a deep “inner experience” while listening to it. Of course you have to be into it and not checking your mobile phone meanwhile; the idea is to give yourself to the trip and re-create those states of minds in your own reality. Peaceful music for peaceful coming times, frequencies which help you to increase your vibration rate creating a full harmonic environment wherever you listen this mix at.

I played some stuff by, Aleksi Perälä, The Volume Settings Folder, Nthng, Suso Sáiz, Strom Noir, Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings, and one of the tracks from my new album Non Virtual Reality on Semantica Records.

Hope you enjoy the trip….”

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