Kaltblut in conversation with Planningtorock

From Bolton to Berlin and back again Jam Rostron (a.k.a Planningtorock) has released their fourth album ‘Powerhouse’: a pulsating patchwork of personal stories from their childhood. Awash with new energy and unashamed authenticity, the album features some of Rostron’s most intimate lyric writing to date.

From tracks that expose potent and at times painful memories of their past (Powerhouse, Dear Brother) to synth-drenched romps through present-day encounters with their non-binary genderqueer experience (Much To Touch, Transome), ‘Powerhouse’ proves that facing past demons can not only release them – but lead to a renewed strength and freedom.

Written and recorded across Berlin, London, New York, and L.A., ‘Powerhouse’ is a triumphant soundtrack for celebrating one’s truths boldly and unapologetically. In the run-up to their album release party hosted by Transmissions in London last month, Kaltblut talked with Rostron about this emotionally-charged new album and their upcoming plans for a Berghain live show in January next year.

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